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Diane Shepp for Napa

Throughout my campaign, it is the conversations I have shared with the residents of my home District 4 in Napa County that have helped me hear exactly what matters to voters. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, and ask for you to join me in voting

We Support Diane Shepp

Courage | Intelligence | Wisdom ...Sustainability and leadership that is focused on the whole community depends on these three traits. Who will you choose to lead Napa County, District 4 toward a brighter future? I am grateful for the support of so many, and encourage you to join us on June 7th.

We Support Diane Shepp


What does that mean to you and your family, and your future in Napa County, California? Your candidate for Supervisor must consider the people, the economy and the environment in which they live and serve to truly be advocates for a sustainable county. Make your vote matter this June 7th.

Lake Berryessa News Endorses Diane Shepp

"From a practical perspective, Pedroza will be hard to beat. He has the endorsements of almost all of the local political and business leaders which some may regard as a negative.

Coalition building was emphasized by both Shepp and Malan - a coalition is probably the only way to beat Pedroza. Practical politics says that perhaps Malan should withdraw from the race and throw her support to a coalition to elect Shepp.

Diane Shepp has much broader experience and vision than Malan, and significantly more time in the trenches than Pedroza. On balance, based on the needs of the Lake Berryessa community, the Lake Berryessa News endorses Diane Shepp for Supervisor."

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Lake Berryessa

Urban | Rural .. Those two words define Napa County, California. And District 4 showcases the spirit of those words in a very profound way. Your Supervisor must be able to provide leadership to invigorate areas like Lake Berryessa . Many in this area feel forgotten, that their needs are not addressed. We have to do better for the people of Berryessa, for this beautiful resource, and for all of us who live in Napa County.

Take Back Our Community

Real issues face our community, and I believe it is time for the voters of Napa County, California to vote for change in leadership, and take back our community. Don't sit back this election, and hope things change.

A Leader Who Listens

Do our county leaders really listen to the residents of Napa County? Are you being heard? Listening, alongside an enthusiastic approach to dealing with those issues in front of the residents of Napa County, California..that is what all of us deserve.

Vote Yes on Y

I encourage you to vote Yes on Y. A vote for this measure is an investment in Napa County's future... for our children and grandchildren, for our safety, and for our community.

Traffic Jam

Traffic. It's a public safety issue. And as your supervisor, I will support efforts to make sure we do all that is possible, to better the quality of life for all who live in Napa County, California

Water Issues

Recent articles in the Napa Valley Register, have given detail to the water issues facing our county. I have been talking about these issues since the beginning of my campaign and welcome you to stop by and keep the conversations going, so together we can protect our community and the families who live in it. Office hours: Wednesday 1pm-6pm at 575 Lincoln Ave Suite 235

Supervisor For The Future

What do we need in Napa County, California for today and for the future? What should our county look like for future generations?

Napa County Jail

I recently toured our country jail, and it solidified my support of finding a way of bringing back the anti-ricidivism program that has been a model for many other correctional facilities.

NVR 3/9/16: Supervisors OK June ballot measure for jail

Economic Diversity

Wine, tourism and hospitality still dominate the employment and economic landscape, but Napa County needs to think about ways of diversifying its economy.

Get Involved

Career Politicians. Is that who best represents your family's interests? Change in our political leadership in Napa County is needed. The insiders in our local government are not going to go down without a fight. Join me!

Let's make sure future generations of The Napa Valley are considered with each policy, not special interest or whether or not siding with the right group gets your representative one step closer to a career within the California State Capitol. Your Vote. Your Voice.

NVR 2/3/16: Pedroza's fundraising dwarfs supervisorial field

Affordable workforce housing

Workforce housing is a county wide concern, and finding the right solution for the working families in Napa County, California is very important to me.

NVR 3/19/16: The high price of housing: One family, one room
NVR 3/20/16: No new Napa affordable housing in 2015

For the Future

Napa County, California is a highly nurturing and gorgeous place to live, with a strong agrarian heritage. And future generations of this valley are counting on our Board of Supervisors to protect this valley. Will there be agriculture to preserve for future generations? YOU, the voter, must decide!

Family Wineries

For years, small family wineries, vineyards and farms dominated our agriculture scene here in Napa County, California. But recently, outside investment interests have begun to take over a large part of our agricultural industry. The scale of development as we see it now is unsustainable. We need to do something to uphold the Ag Preserve and the Ag Watershed. Join me...We can do better.

Napa Sanitation

How will Napa Sanitation's proposed rate hike affect you and your family? Join me on March 16th at 6pm at the Napa Valley Unified School District Board Room for a public hearing on this important issue. Understand what you are being asked to pay for, and how your voice can affect your community.

NVR 2/23/16: Sewer district presents rate hike information


Maintaining the health of our watersheds in Napa County, California is vital to our ecology, but how does this affect you? Why should you care about watersheds? If you don't know what a watershed is, it's time to find out...we all live in one. Your voice matters...Your vote matters.

Local Politics Matter

Your Napa County supervisor has a direct effect on your quality of life here in the Napa Valley. The local political process is yours...make your vote matter.

Local politics refined

There is something in our lives, whether it is the water we drink, the air we breath, the noise we hear, or the landscape we live in, everything is controlled by a political process. Your vote matters.

News Articles on the Camapign

NVR 4/29/16: Supervisor, Assembly candidates meet in forum
NVR 4/6/16: Supervisor candidates tackle environmental issues
NVR 3/30/16: Supervisor races, funding measures on June ballot
NVR 3/18/16: Supervisor candidates tackle winery rules debate
NVR 3/15/16: Supervisor races taking shape
NVR 2/3/16: Pedroza's fundraising dwarfs supervisorial field
NVR 1/24/16: The race for candidate endorsements is well underway
NVR 9/11/15: Shepp enters Board of Supervisors race

Napa County District 4

One of the first questions asked by folks we are talking to is: "What are the boundaries of District 4?" Good question. You can look at the county's interactive map of supervisor districts here.

Shepp Wins NapaVision2050 Endorsement for District 4 Supervisor

The Power of We the People Promoting the Common Good and General Welfare of the People of the Napa Community
PRESS RELEASE January 3, 2016

The Board of Directors of Napa Vision 2050 officially endorsed Diane Shepp for Napa County Supervisor, District 4, at its December meeting.
“Shepp’s platform is consistent with the mission and goals of Napa Vision 2050,” stated Dan Mufson, President Napa Vision 2050, “which is to advocate for responsible planning to insure the sustainability of the finite resources of Napa County”. Napa Vision 2050 coalition was created by community and environmental groups from throughout Napa County, with the goal of combining their resources and experience in support of one another and the environment. Over the past year, we have advocated for more balanced growth at Napa County’s Planning Department, Planning Commission, and Board of Supervisors’ on a number of projects dealing with water availability and quality; air quality, affordable wages, land-use compliance, and traffic congestion.

Mufson continued, “Shepp has the proven leadership skills, experience, knowledge and ability to tackle these and other issues facing Napa County. She gets the job done.”

“I am more than pleased to accept the endorsement of Napa Vision 2050”, Shepp stated. Shepp has lived in rural Napa County for over 30 years and shares the same concerns as Napa City residents and Napa Vision 2050. “I believe it is the job of government to protect the health, welfare and safety of its citizens. As County Supervisor I will protect our agricultural-based economy, our watersheds and open space. I will promote needed investment in infrastructure, livable wages, a robust job market and affordable housing. Together we will preserve and ensure a more vibrant, economically sustainable community and quality of life in Napa County now and for our County’s future”.

NAPA VISION 2050 is a IRC 501(c)(4) public welfare corporation. For more information visit and

NAPA VISION 2050 is a 501(c)(4) public welfare corporation: Contributions are not tax deductable. Affiliates: California Fisheries & Water Unlimited; Calistoga Citizens for Green Community; Defenders of the East Napa Watersheds; Dry Creek Road Alliance; Get a Grip on Growth; Living Rivers Council; Mt. Veeder Stewardship Council; Protect Rural Napa; Save Rural Angwin; Save Yountville Hill; Sierra Club; Soda Canyon/Loma Vista Foundation; Stop Syar Expansion; St. Helena Citizens; Watersheds Alliance of Atlas Peak

Jim Hickey Endorsement

October 30, 2015
Jim Hickey agrees to endorse my campaign. Thank you!

12 September 2015

September 8, 2015

Filed candidate intention statement

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